Alma, the soul of Italian wine

A centuries-old tradition. The unique character of regional expression. An indispensable vision of the future.

Italy’s extraordinary vine-growing heritage is recognized worldwide. Promoting it while maintaining its authenticity is the philosophy developed by Alma – The Soul of Italian Wine, Italy’s first négociant-éleveur established in 2003. This revolutionary concept is a pioneering breakthrough that maximizes the richness of the national and international grape varieties that flourish in Italy.

Thanks to this vision, Alma acknowledges, interprets, and meets market needs by analyzing trends and developing – through the work of its winemakers and carefully selected local producers – a range of wines that represents and enhances the authenticity of most Italian regional production, from Piedmont to Sicily. From grape selection to stringent winemaking techniques, Alma carefully monitors every step in its production process to ensure its highest quality standards.

The featured brands – each one the expression of a different aromatic and emotional story – constitute the different chapters in Alma’s constantly evolving portfolio, which has now become a long and complex story featuring a range of over 60 products, many of which have won awards from prestigious international institutions.

A reliable network of professionals sharing the same levels of passion and experience allows Alma to provide its international customers with a lean global solution and an efficient 360° service ranging from production to logistics. This unique added value completes the company’s transversal and high quality service range.

Alma: a revolution that begins with tradition, the soul of Italian wine.

Alma Vineyards

In 2014 Alma Wines strategically expanded its operational sphere to viticulture by establishing its agricultural branch Alma Vineyards. This completed the entire production cycle, including cultivation, harvesting, winemaking, refining, bottling and distribution.

Today, thanks to the dedicated work of its team of agronomists and oenologists, Alma Vineyards grows, harvests, and produces wines in four different Italian regions – Lombardy, Piedmont, Puglia and Tuscany – whose high quality production prides itself with a prestigious reputation in the international winemaking panorama.

Alma is honored to be a member of the Gallo Nero Chianti Classico Wine Consortium thanks to its Fattoria di Ruppiano Astorre Noti located in Castelnuovo Berardenga, in the heart of the “Chianti Classico” wine region.

It also grows and produces wine in the Oltrepò Pavese region in the heart of Lombardy, where Pinot Nero grapes are cultivated and used to craft a wine, which is a jewel in the crown of the Alma selection.

Increasingly important is Alma’s wine production in Puglia, where harvesting and winemaking focus on Primitivo, Negroamaro, and Sangiovese grapes.

The elegance and nobility of Piedmont winemaking traditions are also enhance by the wines produced in Tenuta Arbéta estate. They are a tribute to the professional brilliance of our winemaker Roberto Gerbino, born and raised in the Langhe region and with whom Alma’s founder has been alongside ever since this revolutionary, constantly evolving project was launched.