Wines from the eternal city

Roma Caput Mundi. The capital of Italy and the ancient world, Rome is the cradle of western culture and tradition and a place where history and progress cannot be separated. The Setterè collection – a tribute to the seven hills on which the city was founded and the seven kings who originally ruled it (sette re = seven kings) – features a range of blended, timeless, and refined grape varieties. Moreover, the leading players in these blends are typical indigenous varieties: Procanico (Trebbiano), Drupeggio, and Grechetto for the Orvieto Classico, and Malvasia, Bellone, Bombino, and Greco for the Frascati Superiore. The result is a series of deliciously rounded wines in which aromas and mineral qualities combine to create full flavors that are both dry and velvety, like the sun’s caress.