Sardinia, the Nuraghi island

Dating back thousands of years, the origin of Sardinia’s Nuraghi continues to be a mystery to this day. What these monumental constructions were built for and why is still unknown, but they stand together with the island’s wild landscape as a symbol of the power and importance of local traditions, such as the cultivation of indigenous Sardinian vines that has also withstood the test of time.

Nuragico is Alma’s tribute to Sardinian culture, and its determination to protect the authenticity of a terroir offers a range of strikingly distinctive wines. The Grenache (better known as Cannonau) and Vermentino grape varieties have flourished in this region, and are used to produce wines that are both locally and nationally enjoyed. This line captures all the complex flavors of this unique land whose coastal microclimate adds a hint of sea salt to these wines’ distinctive bouquet.