About us

The international team and its offices in Italy and the United States

Production and worldwide logistics are all coordinated at Alma’s Italian headquarters.

This has recently been expanded to include a branch in America that handles imports to the United States with its own federal import license and supplies distributors directly.

A warehouse in Florida is also kept constantly stocked in order to meet market needs in the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean rapidly.

Managing Alma’s different strategic and operational areas requires a cosmopolitan team with an integrated market vision and an advanced level of knowledge backed up by an expert worldwide sales network.


Alessandro Berselli

Founder and Chairman

Passion, curiosity, and the ability to listen. Recognizing the needs of different markets and finding the right solutions for all of them thanks to a tailor-made product range: this is the professional dimension Alessandro Berselli has defined in over 25 years of exploring the world of wine. Having worked in numerous prestigious international production and distribution contexts, from the Belgian Delhaize Group to the Mercian Corporation in Japan, today Alessandro brings his vast experience to a multinational company that offers a winning combination of complementary qualities.

The result is a revolutionary approach that combines expertise with tradition and flexibility with research to create a brand new direction for Italy’s extraordinary vine-growing heritage.

Born and raised in Italy, Alessandro first graduated with a doctorate degree in business administration before cultivating a spontaneous passion for international markets. Now, with an impressive total of over 50,000,000 bottles of wine sold all over the world, Alessandro intuitively exploits his vast experience, which includes his role as chairman of a major Italian wine export consortium featuring a select group of Italian producers.

Today Alma offers a constantly evolving portfolio with a selection of approximately 60 typical products from numerous Italian regions.

“We are constantly evolving both inside and outside the bottle,” claims Alessandro. “Our aim is to ensure that every Italian region expresses its character to the full by respecting nature and listening to our stakeholders every day.”

Silvia Sgargi


Silvia regards her twenty years of experience in managing a sales network in her hometown of Bologna as fundamental to her current work at Alma that began in 2013. This includes maintaining daily relations with the company’s headquarters in Italy from her base in the United States, where she moved in 2009. In addition to her role as C.E.O., Silvia works alongside with the production manager and supervises everyday operations, such as the company’s graphic image, through constant communication with the entire team.

Roberto Gerbino


Born in Alba, Piedmont, one of Italy’s most prestigious winemaking areas, Roberto Gerbino has been the co-owner and production manager of a small winery in the heart of the Langhe area – home to Barolo as well – since 1996. Having gained a wealth of experience internationally, in both South Africa and South America, Roberto now produces wines of the highest quality. Since the 1990’s, he has also been working as an independent consultant for various producers, and he currently operates in a range of complementary roles where wine is always the common denominator. These include publications, teaching assignments, conference talks, and new winery and vineyard designs.

Roberto has been working with Alma Wines ever since the company was founded. He has selected local oenologists and developed a network of regional winemakers that constitute the heart of this entire project. Together with our founder, Alessandro Berselli, he has played a major role in developing the constantly evolving project that is Alma. Today Roberto is also the President of Alma Vineyards, the company that manages Alma’s vineyards located in Italy’s most prestigious wine regions.

Claudio Giorgi

Agronomist and Production Manager

Since graduating in Agricultural Sciences with a specialization in viticulture and oenology, Claudio has overseen all the activities involved in managing the family winery in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese region where he was born.

In the summer of 2015 he joined the Alma Wines team, where he is currently a key figure in the production process. He works closely with the company’s various winemakers and wineries, and he manages the different aspects of the Alma wine production cycle to guarantee the best possible results.

Laura Guidoni


Laura’s professional career is firmly based on almost twenty years’ experience in a German multinational corporation that has given her an in-depth knowledge of management control processes and tools. Her passion for these procedures reflects her love of teamwork and playing by the rules to achieve common goals – qualities she has further refined through her love of sport. In Alma she acts as the C.F.O. at the Italian headquarters where she coordinates the daily operations of the multilingual team.

Dayuri D Perez

Director of US operations

Born and raised in Havana, Cuba, Dayuri moved to Miami in 1996 where she graduated in Accounting at the Florida International University and began her professional career while still studying. Her wide and detailed knowledge of American administration has made her an invaluable member of the Alma Wines management team, as the company has always had a multinational profile. Now, a key figure in the firm’s global development, Dayuri operates as the Director of US operations, focusing on developing the American market and supervising the everyday details of import and distribution management.

Cosetta Giannini

Logistics and Customer Service Manager

Logistics: organization, planning, and realization of handling and storage of the goods.

This is a fundamental and very important activity within every company, especially for Alma since we ship our wines worldwide.

Cosetta Giannini, born and raised in Bologna, is creative, flexible, and has a dynamic character as well as great problem solving skills. Besides from her mother language, she is fluent in English, French, and Spanish. After her long experience in a multinational company, Cosetta manages now in Alma a team that takes care of our logistics and customer service.

She is pragmatic and passionate about her job:

“Since I was younger, I thought the sky was the limit. I am very lucky to have a job that enables me to go beyond limits.”

She works closely with Tatiana Popova, who is fluent in Russian, Italian, and English.

This allows their team to best assist all of Alma’s customers around the world.


Yoshiko Jifuko

Alma Wines’ Ambassador in Japan

Yoshiko, born and raised in Tokyo, moved to Italy with her family in 2002.

She soon fell in love with the Bel Paese and its culture and traditions, but in particular with wine culture. With extraordinary ability, she was able to merge two such different worlds, and soon learned how to speak and write in Italian.

Yoshiko decided to turn her passion for Italian wine into a real profession, and for 15 years she worked as a consultant for some Italian wineries for the Japanese market.
In 2016 she became Area Manager for Alma Wines in Japan, and since 2017 she has been importing and distributing Alma wines through her Japanese import-export company.
Japan is very important for Alma and its founder Alessandro Berselli, who started his career as a wine consultant precisely in Japan nearly 30 years ago.
Over the years, besides doing an extraordinary business, many relationships have been formed based on mutual respect and lasting friendships.

Isella Marzocchi

Communication & PR Manager

Based in Italy but with her eyes on the world, Isella is a journalist and Public and Media Relations specialist working with an international, cosmopolitan clientele. She started her career as a freelance writer back in 1998 when her first article appeared on the Italian edition of ELLE. Ever since she has covered a variety of topics for a number of publications in Italy and abroad, while in 2001 she cut the ribbon of her consulting firm.