About us

The international team and its offices in Italy and the United States

Production and worldwide logistics are all coordinated at Alma’s Italian headquarters.

This has recently been expanded to include a branch in America that handles imports to the United States with its own federal import license and supplies distributors directly.

A warehouse in Florida is also kept constantly stocked in order to meet market needs in the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean rapidly.

Managing Alma’s different strategic and operational areas requires a cosmopolitan team with an integrated market vision and an advanced level of knowledge backed up by an expert worldwide sales network.


Alessandro Berselli

Founder and Chairman

Passion, curiosity, and the ability to listen. Recognizing the needs of different markets and finding the right solutions for all of them thanks to a tailor-made product range: this is the professional dimension Alessandro Berselli has defined in over 25 years of exploring the world of wine. Having worked in numerous prestigious international production and distribution contexts, from the Belgian Delhaize Group to the Mercian Corporation in Japan, today Alessandro brings his vast experience to a multinational company that offers a winning combination of complementary qualities.

The result is a revolutionary approach that combines expertise with tradition and flexibility with research to create a brand new direction for Italy’s extraordinary vine-growing heritage.

Born and raised in Italy, Alessandro first graduated with a doctorate degree in business administration before cultivating a spontaneous passion for international markets. Now, with an impressive total of over 50,000,000 bottles of wine sold all over the world, Alessandro intuitively exploits his vast experience, which includes his role as chairman of a major Italian wine export consortium featuring a select group of Italian producers.

Today Alma offers a constantly evolving portfolio with a selection of approximately 60 typical products from numerous Italian regions.

“We are constantly evolving both inside and outside the bottle,” claims Alessandro. “Our aim is to ensure that every Italian region expresses its character to the full by respecting nature and listening to our stakeholders every day.”