Si Agis, Agit Optima

This label summarizes Alma’s philosophy as it brings together three noble varieties of the Pinot grape: Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Nero. All of them are only produced in exceptional years, in the very best terroir, and in limited quantity.

The unique character of each one of these grapes is expressed through a careful selection of their origins. Combining expert `knowledge with a variety of factors from climate to soil, Agit Optima tells exquisitely distinctive stories with outstanding territorial characteristics.
The Pinot Bianco vineyards are cultivated in the Alto-Adige region near the Austrian border, where the grapes thrive thanks to the high altitudes and temperatures that shift dramatically from day to night, bestowing both complexity and elegance. The Pinot Grigio vineyards are located in Collio in the Friuli region, where the mineral rich soil gives the grapes a distinctively aromatic taste. Lastly, the Pinot Nero grape ripens on the sunny slopes of Oltrepò Pavese, which is one of Italy’s leading Pinot Nero production wine regions.

Si agis, agit optima: Everything you do, do it at your best.